H&M Organizational Structure

H&M is an international clothing company with over 1,800 stores that occupies 34 countries, including a newly opened store here in Florence. Its philosophy is to bring the “best fashion and quality at the best price”. They carry women, men, teens and children clothing. To make sure the quality that their merchandise is up to standards, they run about half a million quality and safety tests a year.

Every city I have traveled to, I have noticed that they have an H&M. I never knew that this store was so international until I came here. After I researched it, I learned that this store was started in 1947 in Sweden and has been growing every since. Its flagship store is in London. H&M actually stands for Hennes & Mauritz. H&M has about 169 in the United States alone, ten of which are all in Manhattan. They have made themselves well-known by providing inexpensive designer clothes by people such as, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, and Jimmy Choo. According to Forbes, H&M is worth $11 billion and is the 66th most recognized brand in the world.

H&M’s corporate responsibility is to offer its customers fashion and quality at the best price. Quality is making sure that their customers are satisfied with them as a company, not just meeting their expectations. It is their responsibility to exceed the expectations. There are over 73,000 employees that work for H&M and none of these workers are violating the child labor laws and all of them are being paid minimum wage and higher. They are strictly against sweatshops. In fact, they are involved in a “All For Children” campaign that a project between them and UNICEF which aims to protect children’s right’s in cotton producing areas in Tamil Nadu, India,

Angela Ramsay


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